Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mom's Hope Chest

One of the projects I had in mind for when Rich was hunting was to organize all of the stuff in my mom's hope chest. It was all jumbled in there and wrinkled and pretty much neglected for quite a few years. This morning I sorted and ironed and straightened it all out.

There was quite an assortment of pretty embroidered hankies.

This is a small tablecloth (I think). The cool thing about this is every corner has a swan and a embroidered napkin tucked inside.

Someone put a lot of work into this, and I am honored to have it.

There is no less than 35 linen napkins of various colors.

I am not exactly sure what these are, if they are napkins or towels. I think "his and hers" theme was popular at one time.

I'm pretty sure this was my mom's wedding day purse.

I remember this embroidered dresser scarf sitting on my parents dresser for years. It is well used and even has a stain from nail polish spilled on it!

Like most of the stuff in there, I do not know who made them or where they came from. These pretty doilies have beautiful colorful centers, very well made.

There are three small baby dresses. Perhaps my mom or dad's baptismal dresses.

There are a few pillow covers from different places, souviniers from vacations.

I know I said before how disappointed I am that I did not go through this chest with my mom when she was alive and learned the story behind some of these things. I may not know the history of everything, but I will cherish all of it and pass it on to Shauna when that time comes.


wenn said...

such lovely collections..

Sally said...

Oh my, Jeanette, what treasures to behold. ((hugs))

Sue said...

There sure are some pretty things in there! And it really emphasizes how different things are nowadays. I couldn't imagine having to deal with hankies...but my mom did. Along with IRONING EVERYTHING right down to my dad's boxer shorts. Life was nice back then, but WAY to much work.

Mabel Low said...

Aww.. but i think looking at them would at least bring you some smiles. :)

judemiller1 said...

I loved the pictures because I also love the things I have that were my Mother's and my grandmas. Be sure and tell Shauna as much of the story as you know so she can enjoy and remember them too.

Grandma K said...

What wonderful treasures! Thank you for the pictures so that we of the blogging world could share them.

Donna said...

Ahhh...I have the same things! Must have been the thing to hang on to in those days!hughugs

Brenda said...

You are so very lucky to have those touchable memories of your mother. They're priceless!

Laura said...

Those are beautiful. I have (similar) his and her towels. They were given to my parents at their wedding shower as kitchen towels.

Junebug said...

Those are nice treasures. I bet back then they were only "hoping" that the man would possibly take a hint from that "his" dish towel. Hee hee.

Donna said...

What sweet treasures! Perhaps she made a few of the items.