Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Have Arrived!

Boy, I actually got my first spam comment and I also noticed that GameV@nce is putting little advertising links on my posts! I think I am starting to be somebody in the blogging world! Ha!!

I was awake at 3:00 this morning. Got up and went to the bathroom, tripped on my shoes at the end of the bed and then tripped on them again on the way back to bed! The about a hour and a half later when I was getting up again, I tripped on my shoes on the way around the bed and, I am NOT making this up, I tripped on them once again for the 4Th time on my way back to bed! And that is when I finally picked them up and threw them in the closet! Jeez!

When Rich and I were married for 10 years, he got me a new wedding band to replace the one we hocked a few years earlier for food money. When we were married for 20 years, he bought me a pretty garnet ring with a couple little diamonds. When we had our 30Th anniversary a few years ago, I finally got a three-stone diamond ring, which I was shamelessly coveting for a few years before that! Get the pattern? Rings for every decade we're married!

The garnet ring sat in my jewelry box for years needing to be re sized and the loose stone fixed. Last weekend I finally took it in to the jewelers and now I can wear all three of my decade rings! The diamonds on my left hand and the garnet on my right! Now I have to start thinking what kind of ring I want for our 40Th!

Rich leaves for hunting tomorrow morning while I am at work. I am excited for him because he enjoys spending time with Chris and my brothers. It always feels a little weird when he is gone hunting. Quiet, but a different kind of quiet. Anyway, I have plans to spend time with Shauna and spend a day thrift shopping with my cousin. Plus I have two days off of work and that's what I'M excited about!


Sally said...

Well, Grace, did you have nice trip? (sorry, could't resist). :)

Your rings are gorgeous!! That is just too sweet; every decade!!

Hope Rich has a good time, and you enjoy the days with Shauna and shopping.

Have a great weekend. (((hugs)))

judemiller1 said...

Enjoy your time alone to do whatever you want or nothing at all.

The rings are beautiful!!!

Junebug said...

Pretty rings. I got some anniversary rings a few years ago for my 34th wedding anniversary. My original wedding band was too small for my finger and a very small diamond. Now I've got "ten tables" ring. They told me at the jewelry store that is what they're called. People ten tables away can see them! Hee hee.

wenn said...

lovely rings..

Sue said...

When I have the house to myself, I have a standing date with Ben and Jerry!------
(New York Super Fudge Chunk-the BEST ice cream on the planet!)
And, I can lose myself in a book and don't have to stop to cook-lovely!