Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is the view out our front door about 5 minutes ago.

It started to snow very lightly on my way to work this morning and has been snowing all day. We have about 5 inches right now and it's supposed to keep snowing all night until we have about 8-10 inches. Not a lot compared to other places in the country, but more than we have had all winter. Guess our luck ran out!

The drive to work tomorrow should be interesting!

Ok I admit, it's pretty but I am ready for Spring!

We went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I made a cake for dessert, and used my moms cake taker that she got for a shower gift!

I am not really a football fan. I go to the parties for the food, And to watch the commercials! However, I am way happy for New Orleans..I think they deserve something good like this to happen to them!


Anonymous said...

OOOH! I love the cake taker! I have a bunch of hammered aluminum items from the 50's that I've collected, b ut I've never seen anything like that!

Brenda said...

And just what kind of cake did you have for dessert? Try to stay warm up there. Our snow melted today, thank goodness it was only 3 inches.

Sally said...

Oh goodness, I know you treasure the beautiful cake taker. Hope the weather is better for you today.

Yeah, I was happy for New Orleans also. They deserved something to be happy about and hold onto.

Have a great day!!

dabrah said...

Great cake taker. Is the base made of glass? You didn't say what kind of cake you made.

Jeanette said...

The cake I made was a vanilla poppy-seed cake..to die for good! And yes, Dabrah, the base is glass.