Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hump Day Sort Of

Well, it's hump day which means nothing to me because I have been on vacation all week!

We did not make any plans to go anywhere which is probably a good thing because it is HOT right now! Maybe if we planned on heading to the UP it would be cooler up there, but Rich is working this week so it's been me on my own!

I had a big list of stuff to do this week and have accomplished about 1/4 of it. I had planned to paint the front door, the garage door (the small one) and the trim around the garage door (the big one) and smaller door (got that?). Well, it's been so hot and humid this week that I have postponed that until the weather cools off a little, or at least the humidity goes away.

I want the paint to dry before Christmas, you know?

So I have been doing a lot of cleaning stuff that I don't usually get around to cleaning like the china cabinet that holds my grandmothers tea set that my dad sent to her from occupied Japan during the Korean war.

And this display cabinet where I keep my collection of mama and baby animal figurines:

Can I just stop here and say what a royal pain in the ass this cabinet is to clean? I mean, it's a beautiful display cabinet and having the doors on the side is good so they don't get in the way of the stuff you are trying to display, but it is so awkward to get into to clean that I only do it once or twice a year!

Anyway, Friday I went for my diabetes check. My A1C count is down again which is great! All that treadmilling is doing me some good!

Today I had a routine screening CT scan as a follow-up for my bladder cancer that I had two years ago. She had to try twice to get the IV in. Plus I have to go back to my doctor on Friday to check my kidney function because the contrast that they use for the scan combined with the diabetes drug that I take can cause kidney failure (I know, wonderful.) So before I can start taking my medication again she has to check my blood. So in conclusion, that's 4 needles in a week! Hey come on, I can whine once in a while can't I?

So after reading through this post it's a little whiney but really, I am in a great mood and plan on thoroughly enjoying the last 4 days of my vacation!

And all Toby wants is for me to let him enjoy the sun in peace!


Donna said...

Ahhhhh...Love the photo of Toby!! Great Shot Girl!
Sorry about all those needles though...but you have the rest of the week to recouperate...Hahaaa

Sally said...

I did not know about the bladder cancer! Please be sure to let us know how the tests come out on your kidneys.

So glad you didn't try the painting jobs, it's too brutal. I'm sure if you wait until fall, the doors will dry by Christmas. :)

Your china and collections; simply beautiful!!

Brenda said...

Toby is a pretty fella!
You are allowed to whine after the second needle,,,I read that somewhere,,,.

Have fun the rest of your time off young lady!

Donna said...

Hey, when you are a human pincushion, you have every right to whine a bit! Hope all the testing comes out well!

judemiller1 said...

I hate needles and have never had an IV--that is what I dread so much about my upcoming surgery--needles and lots of them. UGH. Today is nice and cool--I suppose you are outside painting--it is a beautiful day to do it.

Have fun Nettie!!!

Jeanette said...

That teaset is stunning. I want to see more of it. LOL I am glad your A1C count is down, I went in for mine last week also but have not gotten the results. I don't mind the needles, I just have to look the other way.
I hope all your tests come out great.