Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Are Back In Business

We got our metal detector back this week, all repaired and working like new. Plus the weather has cooled somewhat, the humidity is less so today we headed out to here:

Yankee Springs State Recreation Middleville which is South of Grand Rapids and North of Kalamazoo. It was about a 2-1/2 hour drive for us which is about as far as we want to go without spending a night.

I won't show you too many pictures of the park. They all seem to look alike after a while. This is Gun Lake...very pretty. We walked around with our metal detector and found a quarter, three dimes, twenty pennies and a matchbox car!

We saw this little guy. His name is Dodger and he' s a pit bull puppy, Cutest little thing with the saddest little face! He didn't really act sad though. Good thing, or I may have taken him away from the owners!

Saw this young hawk too just sitting by the side of the road...didn't seem to care that we drove right up and took his picture. I thought maybe he was hurt at first but shortly after I took this he just flew away!

Here is my first ever attempt to load a video. It's just of waves on the lake. Hope it comes through for you guys. If so, I have many more videos to share.


Donna said...

Love the photos! And the video...wish I was sitting there!!Hahaa

Julie Harward said...

Such a cute pup...and I don't even know how to load a video yet..I'm still a greenie! ;D

reanaclaire said...

so clear pictures over here.. nice captures!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a metal detector! What's the best thing you e4ver discovered with it?