Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 3 Almost Home

Rich had a much better day yesterday. His pain level is rapidly declining and he can move around much easier. He started eating a little more too. I had him walking up and down the hallway several times. The air in his belly was making breathing somewhat difficult and walking helps to get it moving on out!

It's really cold out right now so it's cold by the window. I kept my lunch on the windowsill because it was like being in a refrigerator!

These are the utensil dispensers in the cafeteria. You just push the lever on the bottom and the utinsil drops down.

This beautiful picture is on the third floor.

And this one is on the 5th floor. The elevator would not let me go to the 6th or top floor. Must the the psych floor and I probably don't want to be there anyway!

They put Rich on a soft food diet this morning and if he tolerates it good, he'll get to come home later today. I sure hope so.

"When's Dad coming home?"


Sally said...

So glad to hear Rich is improving! I know you'll both be happy to be back home.

I sure wish they'd have let you stop off on the psych floor; we would have had so much fun. :)

The pictures are so beautiful, and look at kitty waiting for Dad. Too cute. :)

Donna said...

Thank goodness he's doing well! I don't recall what kind of surgery you said he was having. But if he had some kind of abdominal surgery where they fill you up with gas, then routine rocking in a rocking chair helps to "fart" a lot of it away!

Gosh, I sure love all those beautiful mosaic pictures! I think I would be trying to pry them from the walls to take home!

Donna said...

There's No place like Home!!! Glad to hear it!!
Love the Kitty!!

Karena said...

Very cute pic of Rich, so glad he is doing better!

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dabrah said...

Glad to hear that Rich is on the mend. The pictures look great.

Brenda said...

It's wonderful news that Rich's pain has eased and he's able to move more and more. I hope he got to go home!