Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goodies From Goodwill

I didn't only buy sheets on Saturday when I went browsing at the thrift stores. I also picked up these jewelry pieces at the Goodwill. I love that I have two great thrift stores within 5 minutes of me..and they both opened just this past fall!

This necklace has some great grey colored beads. I haven't taken it apart yet; I'm sort of on the fence about whether I should or just leave it like it is and wear it.

This one I definitely took apart. I'm not exactly sure what it was was way to small to fit over any one's head and there was no clasp. It has some very pretty metal and glass fish beads.

This one I bought specifically for wearing.

I love the peace sign and the pretty turquoise colored bead exactly matches a shirt of mine.

All for $5. Can't beat that!!


Brenda said...

Great finds!! Hope you and Rich are having a good day today.

Peace out.

from my front porch... said...

Goodwill is one of my fave shops! I love thrifting so much :) I can't even pay full price any more, I am so spoiled!
When we lived in Vero Beach, Fl.(very upscale community-except us!!) there was a Goodwill by the beach. All the donations came in from wealthy beach home-owners. Oh, my! J and I rarely shoped elsewhere. It was a dream place!

Do you have a Habitat for Humanity store near you? My second fave place!
Wonderful day to you, friend!
xo, misha
geez, now i am in the mood to shop...

dabrah said...

Those are really nice beads. You've inspired me to go check out the nearby charity shop for some beads.

Sally said...

Wow, you always find the best deals, and pretty things! I've probably told you (what haven't I told you, ha) I always take things to Goodwill because they hire the handicapped, especially at their warehouse here. :)

Hey it's Thursday! Have a happy day. ((hugs))

Donna said...

Excellent finds!!!
I need to go to ours!