Friday, March 18, 2011

34 Years Ago Today..

Happy 34th anniversary to my sweet hubby!

God, we were babies!! Literally, I was 20 and he was 21. But we must have done something right cuz here we are 34 years later!

We are not doing anything special..just dinner out with the usual gang! Next year I'll make him buy me diamonds and take me on a cruise or something!

And also a very special Happy Birthday to some one special to me (you know who you are)!

Today was absolutely gorgeous out! It's so nice to see the sun shine and feel the warmth! Spring is in just a few days and none too soon!!

Today at work I actually sold a couple of my jewelry pieces that I made! This may be the start of a new career!

Well, probably not.

OK. Off to dinner. Happy Friday all!!


Donna said...

Happy Anniversary Jeanette!!
Enjoy your evening...time is Flying by!

The Retired One said...

Happy Anniversary! We are going on 39 years...and we were young when we got married too!

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Debbie Lo said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys, and many more! Hope you have a wonderful evening. I remember how young you were when I first met you two--babies! LOL God bless!

Sally said...

Awwww, beautiful bride and handsome husband. I'm so happy for you both!

Good for you on the jewelry, that's awesome also. Maybe you could open an Etsy shop; that would be so cool, and I'd be your first customer!! :)

Love ya, buddy!

from my front porch... said...

Congrats! You are both an inspiration! We will be married 6 years on Apr. 15! Been together 12.
Hope you had a nice evening :)
And that is great about your jewelry. Just fantastic~hey, you never know....
xo, misha

Donna said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Yes, you must be doing something right, LOL!

Yolanda said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and that you have many more wonderful years.

Grandma K said...

Just getting all my blogs read finally. Happy Anniversary. Isn't it something to think of what babies we were when we married. And yet we and our spouses managed to grow up in like manner to be together all these years.

Many,many more anniversaries to you and your DH