Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Decided to take the day off today just to get some stuff done. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and dusted part of the living room. Not a real productive day so far and not looking really promising either!

It was quiet at work this week, not to mention that the schools have been closed so traffic has been really light That's always good!

What is up with schools being closed before Easter anyway? Used to be they would have just have Good Friday off and then the following week.

Yesterday they had a sale at the hospital called the Everything $6 Sale. Used to be Everything $5 sale but, you know, inflation! Anyway, I bought all of this stuff off of the $2 rack.

It's all to take apart and make other things with. Now I just need to get my creative juices going and get a little ambition!.

The weather lately had been for shit! (Pardon my French but I've had it with this Spring that is not!) We actually had a few inches of snow earlier this week! I refused to look outside when I was at work and by the time I got off it was gone! I'm jealous of all of you people who actually have warm sunshine and flowers growing! Grrrr!! Should have moved to a warmer climate when we had the chance. Like when the kids were young and we could have taken them with us!

Here's a picture of my daffodils I took just a few minutes ago.

They're trying poor things! And then about three feet away was this guy!

He didn't even move when I took his picture. He's been hanging around our backyard for a few weeks now. We've been giving him carrots and lettuce. He's pretty used to us coming out to look at him and take his picture.

I bought these at the grocery store today

Two more little bottles of wine! I decided I do not like Pinot Grigio so now I need to try Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Plus the bottles are so darn cute! The whole thing does not even fill a wine glass half full! And they're only $1.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter filled with love, family and lots of food!


Vintage Barn 27 said...

Hi Jeannette! Hope you blog about what you do with the cute, cute jewelry.
I so agree with the weather. Sucks. I too have been jealous of people who are enjoying warm weather. (I look for sites with pics of warm weather by water all the time).
the daffodils look very healthy. Will you post when they open?
Look at your little friend! How adorable!
I also buy those little bottles for nights when I want just one glass of wine instead of opening a full bottle. Chardonnay is my favorite but also like the Cabernet Sauvignon. Think I will enjoy a glass tonight. Cheers!!!!

Sally said...

Well, you sure got more done than I did. :)

I can't wait to see what you make with the jewelry goodies. I know they'll be extra special! R U gonna open an Etsy shop? I think you should!

It would so nice if I could send you some of this exhausting HOT weather. I don't remember it ever being this hot on Easter. I'm so stingy lately, have tried going without the air, but it's stifling, I tell ya.

I hope you have big plans with your family for Easter, Jeanette. I'm going over to Britt's for a while on Sunday. :)

God bless!

Laura said...

The schools up here had their spring break last week. And I agree about the weather.
Since I've been sick all week, I am so far behind in...everything. Our business work and housework. It'll take me twice as long to catch up...
Oh and I love the cute little wine bottles. What a great way to try out something new. I don't like Pinot Grigio either...

Donna said...

I see that Marty is visiting you! I'll tell you a secret... shhhh... It's the wine! He knows that you are popping those tops and then he goes a'running right for it!

Debbie Lo said...

Now you've got me curious as to what you plan to make with the old jewelry you bought. This should be interesting!

At least the weather was decent for the Easter weekend, and that was a nice change, wasn't it? We had fun with all you guys at dinner yesterday!

from my front porch... said...

OOOOOh, I love sales like that! Lucky you!!
You have had a shitty spring :)I agree with you! We are getting ready for the storms coming in the next few days. Typical mountain weather...
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and the Bunny was good to you :)
xo, misha

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I saw those cute lil bottles of wine at Kroger and thought about buying some {because they are soooo cute} But we are not wine drinkers!

Hang in there spring is coming,
Hugs, Dolly