Friday, August 12, 2011

This, That, And Forever!

It seems like it's been forever since I posted anything but it's only been 11 days!
We finally got some relief from the relentless heat and humidity! We were able to open the windows on Tuesday night and let the fresh, cool air in the house! It's starting to heat up again, though and the humidity is rising. This could just be a short break!

Last week as I mentioned we cancelled C0mcast and had AT@T U-verse installed. We love it so far although it's taking us a little while to get used to how the remote controls work!

Remember when there wasn't remote controls and we had to get up and actually change the channel manually? I don't know how we managed!!

Anyway, C0mcast sent us a huge box filled with boxes to ship all of their equipment back to them. We had the main control box, the modem, two digital converter boxes and three remote controls!

They also included a shipping label so we packed everything up and I hauled the box to the UPS store. When I walked in the door with the box the guy said, "C0mcast?" Ha! Seems lots of people are either cancelling their cable or making the switch these days!

On Sunday I saw a recipe for no-bake cookies and happened to have all the ingredients so I whipped up a batch.

They were really good! We both took a bag to work, though because we did not need to have these sitting around the house. Everybody loved them!

One more week of work and then we are on vacation for a week! We are planning a small trip up north for a few days and then at the end of the week we will be going to my cousins cottage with my brothers and their wives! Looking forward to it!

That's all that's going on right now in these dog days of summer! Went to a few garage sales today and got some cute stuff! That's for another post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Grandma K said...

I am glad you had a respite, however brief, from the heat. We have not had one! Right now as I write this, we are getting rain. It is WONDERFUL! Our soil is baked so dry this little shower isn't going to do much, but I am thankful.

I have been thinking about U-verse for a long time. I just haven't made the switch. My daughter and family have U-verse and love it. I just love my On Demand so much!

You can't be old enough to remember life without remotes!

wenn said...

those cookies look great!

Sally said...

Hey! I can remember life without TELEVISION!!! :)

My brother & sis-in-law have UVerse too, and seem to like it too; hope you will as well.

Those cookies look so good! Vacation? Happy Days to look forward too. I know you can't wait.

Have a great weekend, buddy. :)

Donna said...

Those cookies look GOOD!Hahaaa
A Vacation?? I'm jealous!
Hubby and I get a week in September BUT...we have to drive Hubby's parents to Ruidosa, NM....

Laura said...

I was chuckling over your comment about the remote. As the youngest in my family, I was the remote. I don't remember being bothered by it either. I must have thought it was some great privilege to turn the channel for the whole family!
We're enjoying the cooler temps too. Feeling bad for those who haven't gotten a break in the weather though.
Enjoy your vacation! We're hoping to make it up north sometime in September.

Brenda said...

i wish we had choices out here in our rural area. Enjoy!!

Pam said...

Those are my absolute favorite cookie to "bake". I might have to run to the store to get some peanut butter now. Hope the weather holds out for you.