Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cleaning Pictures Off My Phone

Miscellaneous pictures taken here and there.

This sign was on a office door at work:

I promise not to DISTRUB you if you promise not to DISTRUB me!

These are someones panties hanging on the bar in the bathroom!

Shauna's boyfriend, Brad, won a trip to Las Vegas on the radio and they are there this weekend. I went to her apartment to check on the grandkitties

This is Stash.

And this is Wiggy!

They miss their mama!

These are hummingbird feeders we saw at a craft fair a few weeks ago. I thought they were pretty!

Went to a sweet estate sale on Friday. Got some great stuff that I will be showing you soon!


Donna said...

You take GOOD pictures!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Cute kitties with cute names! Love'em!
And, yes please! I will take one of those hum feeders! Too cool!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
xo, misha

Sally said...

Good morning, buddy. I hate to distrub you, but have to say love this post. Hope Shauna and Brad are having a wonderful time!!

You're a good grannie to the grandkitties. They're cute!!

Hmmmmm- panties? HAHAHA!!

Laura said...

Love the kitties and love the hummingbird feeders, but not the panties...hmm.
When Jim and I were up north, we passed a store that had a handwritten sign - Be back in 15 minutes. 15 minutes from when? I thought it was so funny. They could have left days ago and no one really knew!