Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello World Out There!

Jeez...I said this year I would like to get a few more followers but not posting and only commenting on very few blogs (although I still read a ton of them) is no way to do that! Oh well, blame it on the winter funk!!

Happy Valentines Day! Rich and I are doing absolutely nothing, which is OK with me. I may pick him up a cookie in the cafeteria but that's about it, no card or anything!

Our 35th anniversary is coming up in a month so we'll do something romantic then!

If you know me on Facebook you may have noticed I am not on there much anymore. I got bored and annoyed with it. I do still go on there occasionally so I won't deactivate my account just yet.

THIS   is my latest obsession! I love it and spend the majority of my computer time looking at things people have posted and looking for stuff to post on my own page! Fun and nothing annoying about it!

This winter has been fantastic as far as weather goes. I really have no complaints and seeing as we are in the middle of February we don't have much longer to wait for Spring!

Oh well, lunch hour over...gotta go. Hope all is well with you all! I'll try not to be so uninspired!


Donna said...

Hahahaaaa....you bad girl! Pinterest is just the new fad. I do it as well but am trying to figure out, Why!Hahaaaa...it does absolutely, Nothing!

Donna said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I just started Pinterest this past weekend. It sure took care of a lot of my bookmarks!

Laura said...

I finally decided to look at pinterest. Haven't pinned anything yet!

Sally said...

Well, I tried that pinterest thing and it didn't like me, wouldn't even let me join!! That's what I get I guess from being blonde. I see so many of you guys like it. Maybe I'll try again. But, the thing is I really don't need another addiction. LOL

Have a great day. It's always good to see you here,my good buddy! <3

Brenda said...

I've been lacking blog spirit lately but I keep on trying. Just dropped by to see what you're doing. :-)

Jeanette said...


Grandma K said...

I was told that Pinterest was so great. I joined. My pages are still mostly blank. I guess it's just not really my thing!

While I don't post to Facebook, I still read it everyday if I can. When I am in the real world with internet access!!