Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All The News

Just some random stuff happening around here:

I got a fake fern for my plant stand in the front foyer. It looks much better, I think. Thank goodness for fake plants, otherwise there would be no greenery seen in my house. The only two real plants I have are closed up in the upstairs bedroom so the cats don't eat them!

Chris and Marissa are staying with us for a few weeks with their two dogs. They had to leave their rental due to the landlord deciding that he no longer wanted them to have their dogs there (jackass). Since they are in the process of buying a house they needed somewhere to stay with them until they close and can move in there. More on that later after the deal is done. I don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it.

We have a bedroom and a full bathroom in the basement and that is where the kids are staying with the dogs. There's even a refrigerator down there to they're pretty comfy.

Naturally, the cats are freaked out having two dogs on the premises. Although they never see them they certainly can hear them! Plus we had to move the litter boxes upstairs along with their food and water. So everything is topsy turvey right now and cats don't do well with changes! Let's hope they don't decide to punish us by peeing everywhere!

"Excuse me, I think I have a little more dignity than that"

This coming weekend we will be celebrating my dad's 80th birthday! I'm glad he is still relatively healthy and active. His parents and grandparents lived to be well into their 90's so hopefully he got that longevity gene! I'm in charge of ordering his cake. I'm getting it at a grocery store called Busch's..they have the BEST cakes. Just a white cake with raspberry cream filling and butter cream frosting. YUM!! Pics after next weekend.

That's all the news for now. This weekend we get to Spring forward!


Sally said...

It's wonderful that you have room for the kids! I can't type much, i have somebody in my lap chewing on my are. But, Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Sally said...

P.S. We love your new header!!!

Donna said...

I sure do like that little table and the greenery on top sure shows it off well! Happy birthday to your dad! And I hope all goes well with the temporary living arrangements. The kitties will just have to get over it, LOL.

Donna said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to your Dad!
Love the fern shot!!

Grandma K said...

It is a blessing that your dad is in good health. My dad died at 92, and while physically rather healthy, mentally he was not. Dementia claimed that wonderful man.

I really like the fern. It looks great.

judemiller1 said...

I will let you be my cake getter anytime--that kind of cake is my fav!!! Love the table and the fern.

Joan said...

I'm thinking of moving my cats' litter box to the basement, but I'm terrified they will "punish" me too!!