Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brenda Photo Challenge-Childhood Memories

Time for another Brenda Photo Challenge! This one is all about Childhood Memories!

I had to dig around in a couple of boxes for this one but it was nice going down memory lane!

One of my first childhood memories is of this doll:

Cheerful Tearful! When her arm was up she was smiling and cheerful

And when you put her arm down she made a crying sound, and her face frowns and tears would come out of her eyes!

I remember when I got her for Christmas holding her close and thanking Santa Clause with all my heart. I loved that doll!

Another doll I remember is this bride doll.

My moms aunt made this doll for her to display at her wedding shower. The dress is an exact replica of her wedding dress. She kept it in her cedar chest and I used to beg her to show it to me! I loved looking at it but could never touch it!

This next memory involves this:

This rhinestone necklace was a favorite of all my mom's jewelry. I used to wear it on my head and pretend it was a crown and I was a princess!!  Between wearing that on my head and dressing up in my mom's old satin bridesmaids dress and her high heels, I definitely felt like one!

Thanks for sharing these memories with me and thanks to Brenda hosting this wonderful photo challenge. 

Click on the link above and check out some other childhood memories!


Annie said...

That was fun..what a cute doll you had. Wish I still had mine...although it was celluloid though.

Thanks for sharing your has been a fun challenge and I am enjoying seeing everyone's posts.

Sue said...

Isn't it strange that we all seem to share a few of the same childhood memories? I remember doing the same thing with my mom's necklaces... all precious memories.
Nice collection of photographs!

Donna said...

Awwww Jeanette! How I loved playing dressup!
That wedding dress doll is Pretty! I'll bet the real dress was Gorgeous...
Hahaaa...Love the baby doll...

Brenda said...

These photo memories are so precious! I love that you still have these things to treasure. Wonderful shots!

Donna said...

How wonderful that you have these old keepsakes! The dress on the bride doll is sure beautiful! LOL, the trip down memory lane was a good one, wasn't it?

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice sharing.the dress up was a lot of fun, and I got into it a few times with make believe.

Sally said...

Oh I love that you still have these memento's! The dolls are adorable. The bride reminds me of my cousin who made her daughter and d-i-l wedding dresses, and then small replica's. So special!

Hope you have wonderful weekend, buddy! :)