Saturday, August 4, 2012


Rich and I took this past week off of work to just have some time to chill. The only specific plan we had was to go to Port Austin, at the tip of the thumb. We meandered up there taking a route that followed Lake Huron so we could stop at other little towns along the way.

Made a quick pit stop at Lakeport State Park to use their bathroom. It's a long walk to the bathrooms up a path and over the highway...

But the huge beach and view of Lake Huron is worth the walk.

Made another stop at Grindstone City...which used to have a huge grindstone mill in the 1800's and lots of grindstones all over the beach. There's only pieces of them now, but it was interesting to look for them.

Finally made it to Port Austin and spent some time at Sleeper State Park.

Lake Huron was beautiful and surprisingly warm. Usually the great lakes are pretty cold but this hot weather we're having has warmed them up quite a bit.

Found the perfect spot for a picnic. I don't know who that lady was but she sat there the whole time we had our little picnic!

Got a room in a motel for the night right on the lake. The sun sun shining on the water was so pretty and looked promising for a beautiful sunset!

But when it came time for the sun to set, clouds moved in and we did get a pretty sunset, it just wasn't on the water!.

This is the third year in a row that clouds have covered a sunset on the lake for us! Guess we keep picking the wrong day!

Still pretty, though!


Laura said...

We just drove up that way earlier this summer, stopping at some antique stores along the way. You were probably in our neck of the woods, near Port Huron?

Sally said...

Yes, very pretty!

So nice to have time like that isn't it? I know you both enjoyed chillin'.

And, you always find the prettiest parks.


Donna said...

Those sunset photos look mighty fine to me! Just beautiful! Glad you had a little R&R break. It's good for the soul...

Grandma K said...

What a beautiful trip!

Donna said...

The shots are Gorgeous though! Hope that lady was alright...She made me feel sad....
Happy Wednesday!

Brenda said...

The lake shots are awesome!! I'm so glad you got to get away and have some time just relaxing and enjoying yourselves.