Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Lakes State Fair

Due to the poor Michigan economy and especially in Detroit, our State Fair, which ran every year since who knows when was discontinued a few years ago. It's too bad but not surprising. When we went a year before they last one, it was pretty sad to see such few people there.

Anyway, some private corporations decided to start a new one and named it the Great Lake State Fair. It was held over Labor Day weekend and on Sunday Rich and I decided to go check it out. It was at a huge expo center in Novi.

One of the first booths we came across was this one:

Trying to keep the city of Detroit from selling the fairgrounds. I think they're hoping that some day the fair will be held there again.

Anyway, we enjoyed walking around and seeing the animals. As a born and raised city girl I'm always surprised at how big cows and horses are!

Those Clydesdale horses are humongous, and so beautiful!!

Even the cows are huge! 

Smiling sheep! 

Pardon the less than quality pictures. Most of them were taken with my cell phone because the batteries died in my camera shortly after we got there. That always seems to happen!

The majority of the pigs were sleeping but this guy was awake and not real happy to have everybody looking at him! 

And there's always at least one mama pig and her babies! 

There was the usual  prize winning fruits and vegetables. 

And a bunch of other things they judge like..

Knitting and crocheting.

Canned goods.


Baked goods.

Even things made with Legos!

This quilt was the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen.  It was made up of hundreds of overlapping circles and was so intricately sewed it was amazing! It won at least 4 ribbons! I wish I could have taken a better picture of it. 

We enjoyed walking around looking at the animals and different things.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to take a trip to the zoo and show my buddy Sally that I'm not afraid of no bears!

Took the day off today because Rich is having a colonoscopy.   No sleeping in though because we have to be there at 6:00 am!


Sally said...

First of all, I hope Rich will do well with the colonoscopy, and the tests come back negative for any polyps! It's not a fun procedure by any means, and really something I have put off myself.

LOVE the photo's. That quilt is amazing! And, those little newborn piggies, how cute!!

Okay, buddy, show me your stuff! Are you going to get in the WITH the bears? LOL

Blessings to both of you today.


Grandma K said...

Hope the colonoscopy results are good. It is terrible you have to be there so early, but for Rich it means returning to normal sooner.

The fair looked like great fun!

Debbie Lo said...

Yeah, I hope Rich does well with his colonoscopy too. Let us know the results, k?

I had no idea there was an indoor fair so close! You took some nice pics that definitely showed what the fair was about. I, too, loved the circle quilt. It was amazing! Maybe Tom & I will be able to go to the fair next year.

If you guys get up to the U.P. anytime soon, you should visit Oswald's Bear Farm just north of Newberry. There are a lot of bears, and you even get to feed a young cub! Take a few pics, post them on your blog, and you'll have Sally smiling for months to come! :-)

Donna said...

Sending Rich some prayer!
LOVE that quilt as well...State Fairs are the Heart of this country! I hope it can be saved...

Brenda said...

I hope all went well with Rich.

LOVE the photos of the fair!!