Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I'm actually not that busy I just like to make fun of that lady on the Angie$list commercial!

 Last year our niece Ann was diagnosed with breast only 37 years old. Ann is Rich's sister Judy's daughter. She went through 15 weeks of chemo, radiation and surgery and today she is cancer free. Her friend had a "Ann Kicked Cancers A$$" party for her last weekend. It was in Columbus which is about a hour and 10 minute drive for us. It was nice to see her, though and to spend time with Rich's family, which we don't do often enough.
Ann and her husband Todd. 
Rich's sister Judy and her husband Tom
And his sister Jackie and her husband Tim
Then last Sunday I went to our niece Sarah's baby shower. She is married to my brother Jim's son, Mike (or Mikey as I call him...childhood names die hard!) It was a very nice shower and I got to spend lots of time holding and cuddling Dante! He's so sweet! I have no pics because I forgot my camera!

Last night we had a guy Rich works with and his wife over for dinner. We had a good time and drank lots of beer!

Tomorrow we will be once again heading out to Richmond, this time to Ann and Todd's house to see Ann's sister,  our niece Kristy and her family. They live in South Carolina and are in town for the Labor Day weekend. I'll try to remember my camera and get more pictures.

Today I declare to be a day of doing nothing!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


Donna said...

Congratulations to that young gal beating cancer! It sounds like you HAVE been busy, LOL!

wenn said...

Hava a nice day!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

God is GOOD! And so are you in loving support of this beautiful woman! I read things like this and realize I have no reason to whine about me...

Happy for you spending time with those you love!
xo, misha

Sally said...

Now, that is AWESOME news! I'm so happy to hear this for her, and all you who love her.

Hope you're having a restful day, and a good time tomorrow! There isn't anything as sweet as being with family.


Laura said...

So nice to hear a happy story! And it sounds like you've been busy this summer. Enjoy what's left!!

Donna said...

A Wonderful ending to her story!!! I Love it!
I want a Day of Nothing!!!!Hahaaa