Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Uh..sorry, Shauna!

This is our small collection of Santa pics.

They are all precious but this one is my favorite.

Poor Shauna was only 17 months old. I knew she was going to cry like crazy so I told the girl to just snap the picture as quickly as she could. Shauna was literally on Santa's lap for all of 5 seconds!

Another thing is the look on Chris's face. I can't decide if he's making that face because he thinks his sister is crazy for crying while visiting Santa or if he's enjoying her agony!

Oh well, Shauna is a pretty well-adjusted adult so I guess there wasn't any lasting damage done!

Until tomorrow.....


Donna said...

LOL, traumatizing your little girl. That picture sure is cute though!

Sally said...

Well, you know, Shauna isn't the only child who cried! It's funny though. Sorry Shauna. :)

Have a great day, buddy!

Cashier said...

Haha I love that picture. She's even holding her arms out like 'Helllllp meeeeee'. Santa looks scared, too. :-)