Thursday, June 30, 2016

Catching Up

Summer seems to be flying by and I just seem to be working it away! At least we have another long weekend coming up!

Saw this sign on a car the other day. 

That pretty much sums up this election year!

I find this statue in the medical campus at work slightly disturbing

I think its supposed to represent Adam and Eve because she's holding an apple but really, I have no idea!

Just thought I would show you what drinks I have been enjoying lately!

And finally, saw these on a car today. 

Eyelashes! How cute is that? 

Until the next time!


Sally said...

Yep, we're screwed, no two ways about it.

Those statues? I don't get it either. hmmmm

Glad you have a long weekend coming up, buddy.

BTW - I need to stop blogging until I get my head on straight. LOL


Paula Kaye said...

I don't know that we are any more screwed for the next four years than we have been for the past 8! But that's my opinion. Love those eyelashes on the car. And don't get that statue either!!

Inger said...

I so agree we're screwed -- I couldn't make out the statues, so I have no comment on them. Glad you get a long weekend.

Donna said...

I just don't know what is going to happen but I'll cast my vote for Trump anyway...
Love the eye lashes!Hahaa
And it looks like they're arguing over whose turn it is to babysit the kid...Lolol