Monday, August 1, 2016

Ain't No Cure For The Summer Time Blues

Just kidding. I really don't have the blues. Just kind of been in a funk lately. Not eating good, not exercizing enough, just not very motivated right now I guess!

This summer has been pretty uneventful so far. 

We went camping a few weeks ago. We borrowed my brothers tent. It's a two room tent with lots of room. We also borrowed their blow up bed.

I made it as cozy as I could!  The only mistake we made was thinking that, because it had been such a hot summer so far that we would be hot at night. We brought lite covers and a fan and ended up freezing both nights! It never dawned on me we would be cold!

That is the end of tent camping for me anyway! I love camping but we plan on getting a camper in a year or two. I need a bathroom, shower and comfy bed!

We were with 9 other people camping, including Shauna and Brad. Our tent is the one with the orange top.

We did go tubing down the Rifle River which was a blast. I don't have any pictures because I did not bring my phone or camera but picture 11 round tubes all attached in a circle with three smaller tubes in the middle holding coolers with food and drink! We floated for over 3 hours! There was a ton of people and it was a blast!

Rich and I went to Kensington Metropark one day and rented a kayak. We enjoyed that, too! Brought my phone this time sealed in a plastic bag.

Other than a wedding shower for my nephew and his fiance, that's about all we did so far this summer.

I will leave you with this though.......

I'm gonna be a grandma!

I'll tell you all about it the next time!!


Grandma K said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! (and yes I did scream that - so exciting)

Judy said...

I have always loved camping, but too old to do the tent camping thingie now.
Yeah for the Grandma status! I must be thinking of someone else, but I thought you already were a Grandma? One can never have too many grandchildren!

Paula Kaye said...

Congratulations Grandma!! I wouldn't be good at tent camping. I need an indoor bathroom too! And a good comfortable bed. But I'll bet you had fun!!

Sally said...


A new beginning being grandparents; so very heartwarming and wonderful. You'll be wanting to quit work and be a stay-at-home grandma. :)

I used to go camping with some friends when Patti was young (about 45 years ago LOL)

That tubing is so fun, isn't it? Haven't been in years, another thing that stopped years ago. Damn I'm old!

I'll give you a little hint on becoming a grandmother, buddy. Whatever you want her/him to call you; well sometimes that backfires. Mom wanted to be Nana; Patti and my nephew, then Britt and Ben called her Nino. I had no clue what I wanted to be called; just prayed for healthy grandchildren. Patti and Britt stayed with me for a while after the divorce. One day, I was walking in the hall; Britt looked at me and said "Mommy", then she saw me and said "Memaw". Now I'm that for all of Britt's friends through the years. :)

Sending love to you Granny.

Inger said...

Congrats on the grandbaby. Look like you had a good summer so far. It isn't over yet.

wenn said...

Nice camping! Would love to do it too..

wow, congrats! Grandma to be..