Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mid Week Catch Up

My neighbor finally got her patio finished. 

They kept telling her they wanted to make sure it didn't rain even though there was no rain in the forecast!

Anyway, it's very nice! Worth the wait I think!

Saturday we went to Shauna and Brads for Fathers Day. 

Chris hurt his back at work so they weren't able to make it. We had a nice time with Shauna, Brad and his parents. 

We've had beautiful, warm days lately and I've been going out into the courtyard during my lunch breaks  

Today I took a secret picture of this person laying on the grass. 

Sometimes I kind of want to do that myself!

Until the next time. 


Judy said...

Oh my Gosh! At first, I thought that was a "stuffed dummy", instead of a tired hospital worker. LOL.

Paula Kaye said...

Egads! I would have had to go see if she was okay! Crazy to lie almost in the street like that!!

Sally said...

Oh, I'm sorry Chris is hurt, and hope he mends well & soon.

If that's a real person, did you check to see if he had expired?