Sunday, October 29, 2017

Around Town

Well, this year is almost over and I can't believe how fast it flew! It was full of a baby joy!

Here are a few pics from around town!

This is a pot of flowers someone put in the circle of a guard rail on the street.

Marie and I walked through a park in the town of Northville one morning and at the end of the trail came upon this scene.

This is a small rapids coming off of a lake into a stream. Can you imagine this being your backyard?

Rich and I were driving through the town of Plymouth and saw this brilliant rainbow. It was rather strange considering it wasn't raining at all!

Today me, Rich, Shauna, Brad and Maxwell walked the Wicked Halloween Fun 5K in Plymouth.  We got a shirt and a medal. It was cold but a lot of fun!

 Especially because this little tiger was with us! He's not used to crowds of people and the music was kind of loud so he's wasn't too happy at first!

But after we started walking he enjoyed it and even took a little nap!

We went to brunch after wards and he was such a happy, good boy!

He's developing in leaps and bounds! He's pulling himself up to a standing position, feeding himself, holding his bottle, and his little noises are becoming babbling now!

He totally has my heart!

Until the next time......


Sally said...

Oh girl! I'm so happy to see you! :)

That little Maxwell is so stinkin' cute! I know your heart must pump 90 miles an hour when you are with him, and even when you're not.


Paula Kaye said...

Such a cute little guy. How strange to see a rainbow without rain.

Donna said...

Awwww....and they DO totally grab your Everything!!