Monday, May 28, 2018


Last week we had these two windows in our master bedroom replaced.

Our house faces South and the master bedroom is in the back of the house so the windows face North. They never get direct sunlight. Over time they lost their seal and would get moisture on them.

Because they are wood windows and you know what happens to wood when it is damp all of the time. Pretty soon we were seeing mold along the bottom.

The other window wasn't quite as bad but still the mold was starting.

We tried re-sealing them but that didn't work. We had Pell@ and another window repair company come out to see if it they could be repaired but they said no so we threw some duct tape over the mold and pretended it wasn't there! 

However, now that decided to sell this house we knew there was no way that we could leave these windows like they were. 

I got 4 prices and Hom@ Dep0t was the cheapest so we went  ahead and ordered them and last Thursday they came and installed them.

Oh my goodness they are so nice! They're vinyl windows so they shouldn't ever mold and they open either way. Plus they don't have the little blinds in the middle so they let in a lot more light.

Too bad we are not staying and replacing all of the windows!

Here they are from the outside.

In other news, my friend Karen's daughter is getting married and her shower was last Sunday. I love wrapping presents and had fun with this one.

Black lace and pink ribbon, a pretty silk flower and gold leaves. Those are her colors.

She barely looked at it before she opened it and I think everything got thrown in the garbage!

Oh well, I enjoyed it!

And of course no post is complete without a picture of my peanut!

He's starting to talk a little!

Until the next time....


Jeanette said...
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Judy said...

My wedding Saturday is navy lace and blush. Your wrapping looks just like their wedding invitations.
The windows look great--it's too bad we don't fix up while we live there and can enjoy, isn't it?

Sally said...

Beautiful windows, Buddy! And, the wrapping of the gift looks so grand. :)

Little Maxwell - he's growing like a weed and cute as a button.


Donna said...

Awww...what a sweet little peanut!
Love the windows
And...every time I really take my time wrapping something, it gets ripped and tossed as well!Hahaa...oh well!