Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Saving Baby Robin

We have two big pine trees in the front of our house and for the last couple of weeks we have been watching a robins nest in one of them. A few days ago we could see the baby robins were pretty big and standing on the edge of the nest ready to fly the coop! 

We also have two neighborhood cats who like to hang around on our deck because Rich gives them treats and also because they like to watch the birds at our feeder.  They actually belong to the people across the street from us. I was talking to the neighbor and she told me their names are Gabriel and Rosita! She also said she worries about them running across the street all the time and I refrained from asking her if she's so worried about it why does she let them outside? 

Anyway, can you see where I'm going with this? 

Saturday night we kept the boys overnight and Sunday we were hanging around outside with them before their mom came to pick them up. I was looking across the street and noticed one of their cats pounce on something. I watched for a second and could see a bird try to get away and the cat pounce on it again. When I mentioned it to Rich he said that about a hour ago he saw one of the cats grab a baby bird off of our lawn and run across the street with it!  

Oh no...not one of MY baby birds! I walked across the street and I could hear the robins chirping in the closest tree. I shooed the cat away and picked up the baby bird. It was so tiny and had a small puncture wound on it's neck! But it seemed ok otherwise. It was standing and flapping it's wings. I brought it back to our yard to show the boys. 

Maxwell immediately held his hands out to hold it. Levi declined but did pet it very gently. The bird looks big in Maxwell's little hands but it fit perfectly in the palm of my hand! It was so tiny!

Then I had Rich put it in the tree on the highest branch he could reach. After a short while the parent birds were coming to it and feeding it. The next time I looked the baby and the parents were gone. 

I going to assume they all flew away together! 

All the splash pads have opened again in this area and Shauna and I took the boys to one on Friday. 

They loved it. I see we will be spending a lot of time at them this summer!

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends!


  1. Oh my!!!! A sad story, but a happy ending.

    I do not believe in out-door cats!!!!!!!

    They can be perfectly happy inside. With some windows to look out of. And arrangements made, for them to easily do so.

    But... Not all agree... -sigh-

    Gentle hugs,
    🏊 😊 🏊

  2. I’m glad the parents came back! Hopefully his injury was minor.

  3. I'm surprised you got the cat to get away so easily. When I was a kid I got my arms torn up and down trying to get a baby bunny away from a cat. I'm so glad you were able to save the baby Robin!

  4. The boys are so beautiful. You are RIGHT, why does your neighbor let her cats out.I saw a nature show on T.V. the other day, saying that more and more songbirds are nearing extinction because of cats. Cats are about the only animal that kill and play with their victims just for fun. So they kill birds all the time, not just when they are hungry. We love cats though!

  5. Maxwell was brave to hold the bird! I wouldn't have. So good of you to rescue the bird like that. I hope it lives a long life. We have a neighbor across the street that lets their small dog out at times. Used to scare me when I worked at home and my work computer faced out to the street. I was always afraid I would see it get hit. Thankfully never did.

    Glad to see the splash pads opened again for summer fun. Our tyrant mayor/city council only opened 12 of 29 pools in Phoenix and you have to make a reservation to swim there for like an hour at a time so they can limit number of people. The pool in our neighborhood park is closed. Nearest one is 5 miles away. I used to see kids walking to the pool here as the park is about 5 blocks from where we live. Shame they are deprived of that summer fun yet another summer.


  6. So glad you were able to save the baby bird from the neighbors cat. The robins used to build a nest in the evergreen tree right next to my front porch. They did that every year for several years. One year the neighbors cat got in the tree and destroyed the nest and I'm assuming snacked on baby robins. They never built a nest there again.

  7. Hooray for saving that little bird!
    Splash pads are so fun, and a good place to spend time in the summer.

  8. We had a nest of baby birds in our pine tree. They were very high up and one fell out. Our daughter rescued it, it was very tiny but it passed away and we were all sad. She did everything she could to help it and we wath=ched late into the night for the mommma bird to come back but she didn't. I wonder if something happened with her? Our daughter Rebekah and her husband live with us and they are animal lovers so the baby bird was nothing out of the ordinary. It was sad to lose the little thing especially since they fed it by hand every couple hours and used a tiny dropper for water. It seemed to be doing well. Made us really sad. I hope your birds all flew away together as that is the happy ending you love to hear. :-)

  9. Awww good job, all of you! Little birdie will live to fly another day. Gabriel and Rosita need to hang out at home more, hahaaha! Our little Ember lives for trips to the splash pad! They have one on the AFB in Oklahoma and she's already spent lots of time in it, although she's lived there for less than a week. It's unreal hot out there. xoxo

  10. As much as I love cats, they are a menace to the bird world. I'm so glad you were able to save the little baby.
    Splash pools are the perfect spot for a hot summer day!

  11. I to hope they all flew away together. And another experience for the boys.

  12. I could go to that splash park 'bout now!
    ALL our cats are house cats. But freal cats frequent our feeders. I've even seen Hawks get the little ones who are vulnerable.

  13. Baby bird time is one of the things I hate. I can't bear it if a baby is missing it's parents. I'm just hoping our baby seagull has the sense to stay put on the flat roof until it's strong enough to fly, otherwise I will be worried for it.


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