Friday, September 15, 2023

Plant Update

You may remember back in July I posted that I have decided to try to grow some houseplants. I already had a snake plant and a Thanksgiving cactus that I've had for a long time. 

The snake plant was way overgrown with the roots coming up above the soil and the plant going every which way. 

I cut all the roots apart and replanted it and it looked much better. 

 Here it is today. 

I looked on Google to see why the leaves aren't growing straight up and most of the websites said it's getting uneven light. It's by a window so I have to keep turning the plant every few days. Hopefully it straightens out. I may have to stake it. It's doing well though because there is new growth coming in. I just have to be careful not to water it too much. 

The next plant is this polka dot plant. 

It was nice and healthy when I got it. 

Then it started to get these long stems growing and they were getting flowers on them. This seems to me to be a particularly fussy plant! Supposedly it gets these long stems when it's not getting enough light, but if I put it directly in the window (still indirect sunlight) it wilts within a day or so. I cut all of the long stems off and put it back on the plant stand. It needs a lot of watering though. 

Here it is today. 

Not as healthy as it was when I first got it but I'm working on it! 

Then there is this star plant. 

It hasn't changed much since I got it. I think I was overwatering it because the outside leaves seemed to be rotting on the bottom. I cut them off and cut back on my watering. Also I moved a lot of the stones out of the pot. 

Here it is now. 

Then there is this crispy wave fern. 

And here it is today. 

I don't know about this one. No matter how much I water or don't water, move it to different types of light it just doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'll keep trying but may just give up on this one! 

The one plant I was worried about not being able to grow was the African Violet. Here is what it looked like when I got it. 

And here is what it looks like now!  

It's doing the best of all the plants! It's the easiest to care for in my opinion. I just keep water in the tray underneath it and it takes what it needs! 

I took a cutting from an Eternity plant and a hunk of a peace lily from the plants at work so I'm going to try to see if they will grow. 

In other news. I finally got my hair cut back to pre-pandemic days. 

 It's a little more work than just pulling it back into a clip but I like it. 

That's it for me for now. See you the next time and thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Congrats on your plants. Another one that is super-easy to grow is pothos. It's pretty difficult to kill it and it has lush green leaves. It does well in filtered light and doesn't need to be watered often or a lot. I'm not as daring as you with trying other plants, but I'm feeling like I should experiment a little. Linda

  2. Your plants are doing good.
    I've been doing the same thing. :)
    Have one of those polk a dot plants I picked up at the grocery store.
    Do you have it in the sun. The tag on mine said it likes shade!

    1. I have in on my plant stand in diffuse light, not direct light. Maybe that's even too much light for it! I'll try moving it farther from the window and see if that helps!

  3. I can't keep plants alive in the house. I think you are doing good!
    I really like the haircut!

  4. The plants are look healthy to me - I like your little plant stake declaring that all things grow with love. Maybe that one fern needs to be the keeper of that just needs some extra wuv!

  5. I find that ignoring plants helps them the most🤣

  6. In my book you're doing great with all those plants. I am horrible with them. I never remember to water and I think I finally killed the plant that Wade had. I did manage to keep it alive this long but it looks like it's on it's last leg.

  7. I used to love my house plants but can't have them now as I know my lot would chew them. In fact I'm going out with my daughter today and we are going to look for some realistic artificial plants, not my choice but 'they' win every time, lol

  8. You're doing a great job! Love that you put the African Violet in a larger dish to keep the leaves dry! Maybe I'll try again using that method.
    I keep my plants in the north window...they all seem to like it there. When the Sun swings around to the west, NW, I close the shades in late afternoon.
    LOVE your hair girlfriend!!

  9. I always have had plants in the house until Binx arrived. He just will not leave them alone, so I had to take them to my office at work. I love the new haircut!!

  10. It's funny that you have a bromeliad as a house plant, and all of mine are outside in the ground. :)
    The African violet looks SO darn happy. Never move it! HA.
    Houseplants can be fussy and I think you are doing a great job.

    The haircut looks so cute!

  11. Your polka dot plant looks a lot better than mine. It has long stems and doesn't look good. I'm about to give up on it.

  12. I have a snake plant and it has grown very big.. we need to split it into maybe three pots but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I also have the pink polka dot plant which is very precarious.. it has good weeks and bad. Yours is looking much better than mine.

  13. Your hair looks super cute Jeannette! Wish I could see it in person. OK I am NOT a plant person at ALL but I think all of your plants look pretty great. The African violet looks fantastic! I am just no good with plants and my friend Joyce from church just gave me a cutting of something she says it's impossible to kill so we shall see. xoxo

  14. Jeannette, I find that houseplants are full of quirks! So many things that have to be just right for them to be happy. It is a constant struggle. I think you are doing great with them all, but I just love the violet! It is beautiful! It always feels good to get a new hair do or trim. Blessings to you dear friend!

  15. Your plants look very healthy. Take it from someone who has killed many a houseplant :(
    Cute hair too!

  16. Continued good luck with the plants. They are looking like they have been getting lots of love. Take care and the new haircut looks wonderful.


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