Friday, November 9, 2007


Today is Friday and it's payday too!

I have a $10 gift card for Kohls which I am going to use on my way home from work today. I need a nice top to wear to work and new brown shoes and a couple new t-shirts for Rich and new pants and maybe new jeans, too. Think the $10 gift card will be enough?? Hah!

I lost another pound. That makes 29 total since the first of the year. Funny, the diabetes has made me change my lifestyle. I eat to keep my blood sugar in control and I exercise to keep my blood suger in control. It doesn't feel like a diet so I really don't feel deprived. It feels good to eat healthy and be in control, and the weight loss is a side benefit.

That said, today I walked into my department to find two big containers of cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter with dove chocolate on top! God, they look so freakin' good. And later on in the morning, they brought 5 big bags of bagles (say that fast 10 times!) in the break room to celebrate National Health Alliance Week! I really shouldn't eat bagles because they have about 60-70 carbs in each one, but I did take one each of the cookies. I'll split them with Rich tonight!

I would like to get the carpets cleaned this weekend if I can and also get that downstairs bathroom cleaned.

I am going to see about having my old wedding ring diamonds set into a ring to wear with my 3-stone ring. I am over the thrill of the new ring (although I still love it of course) and would like another ring that will complement it. I love the look of two rings on one finger.


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