Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Meet The Kitties #3 Zoe

This pretty girl is Zoe. She was rescued along with her brother, Smudge.

Zoe is a grey tabby. She has lots of grey and black stripes and beautiful green eyes.

Zoe has had her share of issues with the other cats. She really just wants to be left alone and will growl and hiss if any of the other cats come near her (except for her brother--who she loves). In the picture above she is in her favorite hiding place, under the dining room table.
She really loves Rich and will stand outside the bathroom door when he's in the shower, follow him into the bedroom and jump up on the bed to be petted. Every night we close her in the bedroom with us for the night because it gives her a little break and some alone time with us ( I sound like I'm talking about a kid!). Then Rich plays with her for a few minutes and she sleeps on the end of the bed.

She's a suspicious little thing who can be really skittish, or really loving! Like all of our cats she is a important member of our family.


MrsGrumpy said...

She has that "Okay...I'm hiding now so leave me alone" look about her. She looks a lot like the first cat I ever had, A Boy named Sweetie... We thought he was a girl.

Junebug said...

I just love cats too. I had some help from a couple of bloggers with some html code. If there's anything I've learned that would help you, I will share it. Right now, I am getting some info on how to highlight or refer to an older post in your new post. Karina is going to help me soon. I don't know much though. I have to get my code out every time I use it.

Junebug said...

We only have one cat in the house. We have to close our bedroom door at night because she won't stay still and messes with the mini-blinds at night. I can't sleep unless she stays in one place. She tries to open our door sometimes. She can't but she can open the closet door outside our bathroom door and I hear it bang against the wall at night sometimes. She's a funny cat. She plays chase and hide and jump out and get you games. We have lots of fun all day.

wildeyez said...

I used to have a cat that looked just like your Zoey. Ace was a very bad boy. He liked to urinate on hardwood floors. :(