Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meet the Kitties #4 Max

This latest guy is Max. He's one year old. We got him and his two siblings from a person that Rich works with. As you can tell from this picture he gets in trouble alot!

Max has a very inquisitive and intelligent face and the softest, silkiest fur I have ever felt. He's also a little terror. He loves to chase the other cats and will jump out at one of them any chance he gets.! He's very affectionate and sweet, and when he wants to sit on your lap nothing gets in his way whether it's the newspaper or another cat or whatever!

His nick name is Mad Max and he definitely lives up to it! He keeps us and all the rest of the cats on our toes.
I can't imagine being without him now.


Rick said...

Cats should be kept in the crisper - not out with the rest of the food.

Junebug said...

Isn't that a perfect place for a cat? :D My son recently commented to me that our cat likes the refrig. I'm not sure what he meant. Surely not this?!

wildeyez said...

A cat in the refrigerator! Well, doesn't that just beat all!

Jeanette said...


Thanks for the comments guys. Just so you know that was the last time he jumped into the refrigerator and I did clean it afterwards!