Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meet the Kitties #5 Toby

Next up we have Toby. He's Max's brother and our biggest cat. He never wants to stay still for a picture so I always have to catch him sleeping or just waking up.

Toby has got to be the sweetest cat in the world. He never picks on anyone, never growls or hisses and wants only to play! We call him our gentle giant!

He will snuggle up with me or Rich on the couch and will literally lay his head on our chest to sleep and purr. He has big huge brown eyes and tons of yellow stripes.

When he was a small kitten and getting nutered, the vet had to call me twice with some issues he had with his teeth so he was under the anesthesia for longer than normal. We think it affected him somehow because he's kind of slow and doofy acting sometimes!

He's my special baby, though!

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