Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dirty Bumpers And Dirty Men!

This morning when I got to work, I backed into a parking spot and backed right over the little post that was sticking up from the cement parking spot thingy (I have NO idea what they are called) about 8 inches, and it hooked onto my bumper. I did not know that had happened. I thought I backed into a pile of snow, and when I pulled forward I pulled the bumper right off of the back of my car! I could not believe it. I had to take the bumper and put it in the back seat because it was too big for the trunk. And I had to cram it and jam it to get it to fit. It was very dirty and when I was done my cream colored coat looked like I fell in a mud puddle! So then I had to walk into the hospital in my filthy dirty coat and try to have some dignity! I took my coat off immediately when I walked into the door!

Tonight Rich and I put the bumper back on. It didn't take us too long. Luckily the bumper wasn't damaged at all so it looks OK. He thought it was funny. How blessed I am to have a husband that can laugh at that, and not get really pissed off at my stupidness!

It is very slow at work and very boring. One of my co-workers and I were looking at a local dating website. Some of the pictures of these guys were hilarious and we were cracking up! Don't they realize that they are supposed to try to look attractive to women? And under "turn on's" they almost all had skinny dipping and erotica! Too funny!

I have one more day to work and then I am off for 4 whole days!!

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