Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chocolate And A New Job (Maybe)

Today I inquired about a job opening at my workplace. It's in the same department, just working in a different area as a secretary in the faculty office. I think I have a good chance of getting the job because I am already here in this department and I know all the doctors and everyone else. Plus I have lots of experience with the computer program that they use. There is a couple little issues that may make things difficult for a while if I do get the job, like the other secretaries can be a little bitchy and they may treat me like a newbie. But that's not really a issue because I can be bitchy back, believe you me! It is a higher salary grade than the job I am in now so it would pay much more than I make. Keep you fingers crossed for me!

Lots of goodies on the counter today. Cookies and truffles. I can smell the chocolate right now. My thing is if I don't eat one, I won't eat a hundred!

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