Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tom and misc stuff

Well, my brother-in-law finally went home from the hospital today. It was a long haul for him and Judy. What was supposed to be a week stay turned into over two weeks, but he's doing good and they are happy to be home. We will miss seeing Judy every night and I will miss going up to Tom's room every day on my morning break!

Tomorrow is Friday I am so looking forward to the long weekend! This week at work seemed to drag. It's been a little slow. My coworker was off today so I was a little busier than normal but the day still dragged.

Marie took me to dinner last night. I had some authentic Italian food that I hadn't had in a while, like pasta fagoli and polenta. It was really good. Stuff that I remember eating at my grandparents house when I was a child.

I am loving my little iPod shuffle that Shauna gave me for Mother's Day. It makes my walks a lot easier and they go by faster. The only problem is I want to dance instead of walk!

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Rebecca said...

Hey! Dance AND walk. :)

I like your new blog design.