Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting It Together On The Weekend

We had a great weekend in spite of the rain as usual. At least didn't rain all day, but it did rain every day.

Went to dinner on Friday night as usual. On the way home we stopped to check on Shauna's kitties. She is on vacation up north and we are watching them for her. Her apartment is really cute and she keeps it pretty clean. The kitties miss her!!

Saturday Marie and I had breakfast and then went to Costco. Actually, I was looking for a Wii Fit. Chris and Marissa brought theirs over a few weeks ago and it is really cool. It's so popular that it sells out as soon as the store gets them. They did manage to find us a Wii last week but the Wii Fit program is no where to be found! I did get some other stuff at Costco but only spent $79. Anyway, after we got done shopping the rain was coming down so hard we had to sit in Costco for 15-20 minutes waiting for it to slow up enough to go to the car!

Sunday morning we checked on the kitties again. They were happy to see us! They miss their mama!! On the way home we stopped and bought a new propane BBQ grill. This is how it looked out of the box:

I never dreamed it would be in so many pieces. I figured put on the legs, put on the lid and maybe the side shelves. Sheese. It took us more than 3 hours to put it together but this is the end result:

Worth it. Now we need to get a propane tank, fire it up and grill something!! I figure it would be nice to come home from work and just grill some burgers or chicken breasts or something, instead of cooking in the oven or microwave.

After dinner we went for a walk on the new nature trail that Canton Parks and Recreation built a few weeks ago. It was pretty deserted and a little spooky, but beautiful. It was nice and shaded, cool and peaceful. Lots of green and lots of bugs too. You couldn't stand still for too long!!

Then we went for a ice cream which is beginning to be a weekend habit!! It was a pretty nice weekend. Now it's Monday again, but at least it's my early week and a short one, too!


Brenda said...

Sounds like a pretty busy weekend to me. I really, really like the part about the ice cream too. :-)

Donna said...

I WISH we had a Costco here in Waco!!! Love that store! Beautiful trail...and Happy grilling!hughugs