Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waiting In Line To Work

My hours at work vary every other week. One week I work 7:30-4:00 and the next week I work 8:00-5:00. On the days that I work the later shift I like to park in the closest lot in my color designation that I can, because then when I get off at 5:00, it's just a 10 minute walk to my car rather than a 25 minute shuttle ride to a further lot. So in order to park in that closer front lot, I have to get there at approximately 7:10 and wait in a line like this:

People come down one by one and one by one the people in the line take their parking spots. It sucks but it is a necessary evil when you work at a gigantic hospital like I do. So I make sure I have my book and my coffee and I just kick back:

And if I get really bored, I take pictures with my cell phone!!


Junebug said...

Seriously! You must work at the biggest hospital ever! My daughter is working at the biggest hospital in her city but it couldn't possibly be that big. She will be taking her RN inclex exam July 1. I would appreciate any prayers for her. She is nervous about it.

Donna said...

Oh Goodness!!! Looks like you need a Rest!! Have a happy weekend Girl!! Doing the Brenda Photo Challenge tomorrow?? We'll look forward to seeing more Great pics!!hughugs

Brenda said...

Great idea about the book! I recently started making sure I have a book and my camera in my truck when I know I'm going to have a wait.