Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Brenda Photo Challenge..but first....

Before I post my photo challenge picture I have to say Happy 28th Birthday to my sweet daughter, Shauna.

You are beautiful, smart, funny and sweet.
We are so proud of you and the beautiful woman you have become.
Just to see your happy, sparkling eyes can brighten any day.
You have brought more joy in our lives than you could ever know!

Happy birthday, Link! We love you!!

OK on with the Brenda Photo Challenge-Shadows.

This challenge is hosted by Lynn of Musings From The Texas Hill Country Thanks Lynn for hosting this fun challenge!

Self-portrait shadows.

Basketball net.



Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Shauna!!! Hope you have a beautiful day!!

Fun Shadow photos sweetie!! Cool Basket shot!!hughugs

Jeanne said...

Nice Jeanette! Captured these shadows perfectly.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Shauna!!

Wonderful shadows photos. I love the angle of your self-portrait shadow. :-)

Lynn said...

The self portrait is very cute; at first I thought somehow you had caught your foot up in the air then realized it was your arm with the camera. lol

Thanks a bunch for joining in the challenge.

Butterfly Gardener said...

Great Job! I like the leaf picture the best.

Sherrie said...

Great shadows! I really like the one of the tree! Have a great day!


Sally said...

Shauna is truly a beautiful young woman!! I wish her a wonderful, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Your shadows are great, Jeanette!! Love the self portrait shadow!! Well, heck, I like all of them!!

Hope you have a fun filled, joyful day!! ((hugs))

Cindra said...

Happy Birthday, Shauna!

I love the tree shadow... it's such a pretty pattern!

charmine said...

Hi,thanks for stopping by my blog.A very happy birthday to Shauna and hope you all have a wonderful time.
I love the shadow of the leaves and the basketball net.

Anonymous said...

Love your shadows.

Happy Birthday to your daughter~

Donna said...

Haha, liked the one of you with the camera held up high! Great shot! And happy birthday to Shauna!

Karen M said...

Great shadow fav is the leaves, but they are all just wonderful.