Friday, March 12, 2010

A Bird, A Funeral and A Gloomy Day

This morning there was a bird in the basement.

I went down to do some laundry and one of the cats followed me. Next thing I knew she was running all over the basement chasing something! At first I thought it was a huge bug! When I realized that it was a bird I quickly grabbed the cat and locked her upstairs. Then I opened the garage door and the door going into the house. I had heard that if you do that, the bird will hear the outside and sense the fresh air and find it's way out. But first I grabbed my camera and snuck down to get a picture. The bird was just sitting there pecking on something on the floor! I went back upstairs and in a little while I could hear it cheeping so I opened the basement door a crack and there it was, coming up the stairs. I watched it hop out the door into the garage and fly away!

My mom used to say that when a bird comes in the house it means someone will soon die! Yikes! I think that is just a old superstition, but it was the first thing I thought when I saw the bird. I'm glad it got out ok.

There was a funeral today for a former Canton resident who was a Jackson police officer and was killed in the line of duty on Tuesday while answering a domestic disturbance call. I just happened to be heading out for some errands and saw that the funeral was at a local church and that they were blocking off traffic for the funeral procession. So I ran home and grabbed my camera.

Two fire trucks had their ladders up and had a HUGE flag suspended over the street for the funeral procession.

These are Jackson police cars. There must have been 150 police cars in the procession from every town and city in Michigan, and even one from Windsor, too!

They all drove under the flag in honor of their fallen brother. It was something to see for sure.

He was 26 years old and had only been a Jackson police officer since 2007. So sad and senseless.

It's pretty gloomy out today as you can see but it's in the upper 50's and the snow is almost completely gone!

Don't forget to Spring forward this weekend!


Sally said...

So glad the bird got out and the cat didn't get him.

That's very sad about the police officer; so young, I'm sorry to hear this.

Have a good weekend! We're playing hard here~and, I know a certain little one who is heading to beddy bye soon although she says we're stayin' up all night!! :)

Donna said...

How sad for the Policeman...26 is still a baby....
That bird had a Big Adventure!!
Great shot!

Donna said...

How very sad for a young police officer to lose his life like that.

Glad you got the bird out of the house without incident, LOL. We had to help a neighbor once to get a hummingbird out of their garage. It was too dumb to fly out the door. Just kept hitting the ceiling. We caught it with a net and I was the one to pluck it out and release it. It weighed so little it felt like I had nothing in my hand! Poor little thing.

Brenda said...

That bird looked perfectly happy sitting there on your basement floor. :-)

I'm so sorry to hear that a young policeman was killed in the line of duty. It's so sad.

Grandma K said...

Yes, the death of the policeman was horrible. Such a waste.

I'm glad the bird got out without a scratch. Around here we are fighting crane or May flies (which ever you want to call them). They are driving the cat to distraction. They will be gone soon, and the temperatures will be hot then!

Have a good week.