Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I received a couple of awards last week from one of my many blog buddies that I have been reading for a few years. So thanks to Tiffany at Snerkology. I hope I can do them justice.

Here goes:

The first award, Happy 101 I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy:

1. All of my wonderful friends in the blogosphere!.
2. Reading a good book.
3. My kitties.
4. Taking pictures.
5. Estate sales and flea markets.
6. Using sales and coupons to get stuff for really cheap or even free!
7. Reading other peoples blogs.
8. Falling into bed when I am really tired.
9. Listening to thunderstorms while I'm laying in bed at night.
10. Watching and hearing waves crash onto the shore.

The second award, Sugar Doll, I have to list 10 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I have to balance my checkbook every month to the penny. If it's one cent off, I find it!
2. When I am sitting down with my legs up, I cross my toes like you cross your fingers!
3. I absolutely HATE driving around parking lots and parking structures looking for a spot to park.
4. I hate to write by hand, If I never had to to write anything again that would be fine with me!
5. I want to retire so I can winter in a warmer state but I don't want to be the age of retirement.
6. I chew gum all of the time and if I go a few days without chewing gum I get withdrawal symptoms!
7. I love to cook but I hate to clean up and would eat out every day just to avoid that!
8. I could easily be a hoarder if I let myself! I love collecting stuff!
9. I love to burn candles but never do because I'm afraid one of my cats would set itself on fire.
10. I do not like to talk on the phone and very rarely do when I'm not at work.

Now I supposed to tag 5 people but I can't choose, so if you are reading this, consider yourself awarded!!


Tiffany said...

:D Thanks for participating! And, holy heck, I cross my toes too!!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations!!! How Sweet!
(freighning Surprise now...)
FOR ME???Hahahaa...Thanks Sweetheart! I Love them and will surely thak them home!
Happy sleep...oh, and I Also Hate talking on the phone!

Sally said...

Oh, I'm the same way about balancing the check book; it drives me crazy!! :)

I'm glad you posted these 'cause I have a couple that I need to post (one of these days).

Have a great weekend - it's a nice 4 day one for you isn't it? ((hugs))