Wednesday, May 19, 2010

House stuff

A good part of Saturday and Sunday morning was spent tearing the carpeting off of the stairs and the upstairs landing. Before:

And after

We got a nice surprise that the wood on the steps was in pretty good condition. We should only have to do minimal sanding and staining. The under part (or whatever it's called.. riser I think) was painted white. We did some damage taking off the carpet tack strips, but with some sanding and repainting it should look decent.

Unfortunately, the upstairs landing is not hardwood. My plan is to install a wood floor on the landing and sand and stain the stairs the same color. I am thrilled just not having carpeting on the stairs anymore. So much easier to clean! We still have carpeting in all of the bedrooms though, but I think there may be hardwood underneath. I eventually would like to get the carpeting out of those rooms. The good thing is we can take our time because nobody ever goes upstairs except us!

Well the cats do but they don't care!


Sally said...

Great job! I love watching other people work. :)

I know what you mean about carpeting; "someday" I hope to get rid of the bedrooms too.

Have a wonderful day!! :)

Grandma K said...

How lucky. They look incredible.

Jeanette said...

Sally-LOL!! And work it was too!

Donna said...

I'd Love to have an upstairs! Oh well, I'll just come admire Yours!!lololol

Donna said...

Oh, that is SO MUCH better! After having a house with carpeting on the stairs about 20 years ago, I swore off of them forever. I agree that they are too hard to clean. Stairs are the absolutely worst place for carpet.

Cashier said...

Those don't look too bad at all. I eventually plan on doing the same in my house. I'm afraid of what I will find underneath. :-)