Monday, May 31, 2010

A Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.

Mine started out great. Picked up my friend Marie for our usual Saturday morning walk and breakfast. We were both pretty excited to take a nice long walk because this was the first Saturday in a while that the weather was cooperating. It was a beautiful morning! Felt good and energetic and happy to be there.

Yeah, well that was pretty short lived. About 10 minutes into our walk, I tripped on a crooked sidewalk and fell off the curb into the street. I scraped my knee and both of my hands and banged my nose and forehead on the cement..hard! My sunglasses flew off but not before putting a nice gouge in my nose! I was bleeding profusely from the cuts and had a nosebleed from banging my nose so hard. Blood was dripping on the ground and all over my clothes, and neither one of us had so much as a Kleenex on us! Luckily, a couple driving by saw us and stopped. They had lots of tissue to give me and then kindly gave us a ride back to the restaurant that I parked my car at.

After I went in the bathroom and cleaned myself up the best I could, we actually stayed and had breakfast! Couldn't let the morning be a total bust! I even stopped briefly at a huge yard sale before I went home, but I was hurting all over!

Before I get to the weekend pictures (I will spare you pictures of my're welcome!) get a load of this clematis, would you!?

I am very pleased with how well it is doing this year! I didn't fertilize it or anything. I guess it just needed to be left alone!

So the rest of Saturday was pretty much spent sitting around icing my knee and my face! Both of my arms were getting more and more sore by the minute.

On Sunday we went to my brothers for a barbecue and to see my nephew who is in from Colorado. Before we went there we went to a local lake just to hang out for a few hours. There was lots of baby Canada geese there! They were pretty cute!

Their mama was keeping a close eye on us! She was pretty threatening even if she did have grass all over her beak!

Then there was a mama swan and her cute little babies,

Today we went to the Brighton State Recreation Center to wade in the water and do a little metal detecting. This carving was at one of the entrances.

Brighton State Park has camping and they also have horse camping. I was amazed to see all these horses tied up at various camp sites. There was all sorts of riding trails for people to ride their horses on. I guess I never knew there was a horse campground, but I can see where people could use them!

More baby Canada geese (OK I know they're called goslings but I like calling them baby geese). I wonder if there are any geese left in Canada, because there sure a lot here in Michigan!

A storm blew in so our time there was pretty short. We plan on going back there sometime this summer.

Took the slow route home and saw this sign posted on a telephone pole:

OK...good to know!!

It was a nice weekend considering I was really sore and lived on Advil. Tonight I am feeling better by the second. The soreness is going away and my arms don't hurt so much.

Back to work tomorrow. Sure wish I could start the weekend all over again only this time stay on my feet!!


Sally said...

I'm so very sorry you were hurt like that! But, I do admire your tenacity not to let your injuries keep you from having a good time. Goodness, I'd probably still be whining!

Love the pictures~hey, who knew they were goslings~not me! :)

Crystal said...

Love all the pictures and that ur ok! And ur my kinda woman cause I would have stayed and eaten too, lol!!!!

Grandma K said...

You are quite a woman! I would have probably been a sniveling little blob still on that sidewalk!

Your clematis is absolutely breath taking. I do so wish I could grow one. By now, it would be a mass of bubbling green mess,

Anonymous said...

OUCH! I hope you're feeling better! I fell out of my car two weeks ago and my arm is still a little stiff. I have found that as we age, we take a little longer to heal :{

Donna said...

Oh my, those falls can really leave you sore! Hope you get to feeling better. Thank goodness you didn't break anything!

Donna said...

Goodness! Glad nothing was broken!!! Hope you enjoyed the breakfast!!
Love the flowers!