Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday Finds

We had a great weekend visiting three different state parks and I will be telling you about that but first I need to show you my Friday garage sale finds.

I bought this clock for a quarter because I needed it for my craft room.

I figured for a quarter even if it didn't work, I could use the frame for something. Anyway, I put a battery in it and of course, it didn't work! So I did what any tech-savvy person does, I hit it on the counter and it started working! Keeps great time, too!!

I also bought this jewelry. Everything you see here for $3.25.

The little Halloween charm I gave to Shauna. I'll use the black cord for a particular necklace I am making, and everything else I took apart for beads. Well, the bottom necklace I left together for now because it's actually very pretty and I may wear it sometime!

I am really getting into the jewelry stuff lately. I have made countless pairs of earrings and a few necklaces, a lot of it out of jewelry I bought at different garage sales. One of these days I may get good enough to actually sell some stuff!

In other news, today would have been my moms 78Th birthday. I miss her so much still! She would be a great-grandmother now too which she would have loved!

OK, soon I will tell you all about our little weekend excursion! Till then



Donna said...

{{{{hugs}}}} for your mom's birthday.

You got some absolute steals at the garage sales!

wenn said...

lovely jewelery stuff!

Pam said...

Well you can't beat a clock for 25 cents! Glad you used your tech skills to fix it.

judemiller1 said...

Your mother left much too soon! My Mom was 54 when she died. She knew none of her great grandchildren--except maybe she sees them from above?

Sally said...

You find the best stuff!! I think you do great work now, and could absolutely sell it!!

I know the birthdays are so sad, no matter how long our loved have been gone. Ben will be gone two years tomorrow, and I won't even want to get out of bed but I'm sure the physical therapist will make me.

Have a great weekend, and look forward to reading your 'park stories'.