Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Weekend Recap

So last weekend we took a little trip to the western side of the state, namely Holland, Saugatuck and South Haven. Our main purpose was to visit a few state parks with our metal detector, and also to see a glorious sunset on Lake Michigan. Neither of which was memorial. Saturday morning started out fine but the farther west we drove, the cloudier it got until it rained and did not stop for the whole day! Our first stop was Holland State Park.

It was raining so we didn't stay for too long. Took a walk on the pier to the lighthouse.

After unsuccesful metal detecting on the beach we decided to leave the state park and visit Windmill Island. This is a actual working windmill. It's huge!

We took a short tour. Did you know that the whole top turns so the blades can catch the wind and that it's done by hand by the miller, who happens to be a woman? Pretty interesting stuff! The next stop was Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

Unfortunately, it was a 2.5 mile hike to get to the dunes and neither of us wanted to hike in the rain. We did some detecting in the parking area but no luck there!

Nice looking trail, though! Did a quick stop in the town of Saugatuck..voted one of the best little towns in the country. They were having some kind of celebration but it was raining so we didn't stay long. Finally on to South Haven where this was the most we could see of the sunset!

Too bad because it's such a pretty sunset on the lake! We stayed the night in South Haven and the next morning dawned bright and sunny! So off we went to Van Buren State Park.

Here we are..the mighty hunters!

It was a beautiful morning and we spent several hours in the park metal detecting. The waves on Lake Michigan were spectacular!

I tried several times to upload a video but blogger wouldn't let me!

So I didn't get to see my beautiful sunset but it was nice to get out of town for a night, anyway!



Life is good! said...

what beautiful photos! looks like you had a grand time rain and all, of course i love the rain! wish i was in the trunk of your car for the little trip. ok that sounds dumb huh, like maybe i wish i were dead in the trunk. nah, just wish i were along for the ride-alive!

judemiller1 said...

I love that you two are visiting these State Parks. I have been to all three of these and also Sagatuck--I loved that little town. Such a neat idea you have had this summer.

Donna said...

It's been great to see the pics from your various jaunts! Isn't it fun to "get out there"?! That's fascinating about the windmill. And that one trail looks like a dandy!

Dolly said...

Beautiful pictures!
I wanna visit the west coast again soon too!

Hugz, Dolly