Sunday, October 17, 2010

Had a rough week at work last week. I even wore two different colors of shoes one day! I didn't say anything and no one even noticed anyway!

Plus I had to work Friday because my coworker wanted the day off. I was glad to see the weekend come!

On Saturday we went to Brighton State Recreation Area again. We were there in June but it was a stormy day so we didn't get to stay very long. This time it was a bright sunny day, although a bit cool.

The sun was shining so pretty off of the water!

I noticed that all of the picnic tables were handicapped accessible! I think that is the first time I have ever seen that!

We walked around a couple of different areas with the metal detector but didn't find too much. We found a silver medal which I will show you in another post. We did find a quarter in the cedar shaving around a swing set.

This is just how we found it. About two inches down! I love when we find quarters!

Today we went to my great-nephews baptism! Now it's already time to get ready for another week! Hope it's a easy one!


Donna said...

I Keep saying I'm going to buy one of those but Never Do!!
Nice finds!
Love the Shoes!!Hahaa

Sally said...

LOL!! I did the same thing once, but loud mouth me had to tell everyone "Look at my shoes". :)

You guys are gonna get rich with all the $$ you're diggin' up.

Love the photo of the sun on the water!!

Hope this week is going better, girl. ((hugs))

Pam said...

I've had days like that, except I didn't notice until I got back home. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll check back to see what else you're finding with the metal detector. My husband has always wanted one. Maybe for Christmas.