Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuff We Find That's Not Money

Our metal detector has a numerical code that can tell us what we are looking for most of the time. For example a quarter is usually 112 or two quarters together are around 126. A nickle or gold reads around 33, but so does a pull tab from a can so we dig a lot of them up!

When we metal detect we don't always find and keep just money.

Sometimes we find interesting non-money things.

This religious medal...says Adjesum per Mariam on it. It was deep so it had been there for a while.

And this little thing.

This pin that I've posted a picture of before is pretty interesting. Looks like someone put a lot of work into it.

Found "Teddys" tag. He belongs to Aricka! Actually, that one was down about 6 inches!

We also have found a few bullets.

And this...whatever it is. I say if weird things start happening at our house we get rid of it fast!!

I think that's what's so addicting about this hobby. You never know what you're going to dig up!!

In other news..I got a award at work! A patient sent in a request for me to receive this.

Always nice to be appreciated.

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

So cool! I would love to go exploring with that!! Love to see the pics of your finds too!

Brenda said...

We must get our detector back from the borrower soon,,your goodies are giving me an itch to search.

Congrats on the award!!

Sally said...

Your award is so cool, but I'm not surprised in the least! :)

Love seeing the stuff you guys come up with - I may just have to get one of those thingamagiggers.