Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's In Your Bag?

I saw this on another blog and thought I would do a similar post. This is about all of the things that I must have with me during the day. In other words, what I carry in my purse!

I go back and forth between carrying a big purse with me to not carrying a purse at all, just a small wristlet in my work bag with the essential stuff. Right now I am carrying my large purse with everything I can think of in it!

This is my current purse.

And here's what's inside: 
My glasses and prescription sun glasses

My wallet and keys

My calendar, a small notebook, nail file, coupons and misc papers

My daily medications, my iPod Touch and my BlackBerry

Kleenex, a brush and gum.

And a small make up bag that contains a mirror, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, perfume, cough drops and and more medications!

And anything else I can cram in there during the day!

Put that all together in one purse and that thing weighs a ton! But I haul it with me everywhere I go!

Now its your turn.

What's In Your Bag?


Sally said...

Love your purse!

Mine contains wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick. That's it!! :)

Donna said...

Hahaha, not THAT much! I have a wallet, keys, cell phone, a little bag with essential toiletries (e.g., tiny bottle of contact lens solution), tissue, and pens. That's it! And it doesn't really weigh that much. I've been wearing a cross-body purse too, and that doesn't put as much pressure on my shoulders.

Debbie Lo said...

You know me, Jeanette...my purses are always huge (and heavy). I'm surprised that my right shoulder isn't 4" lower than my left due to carrying all that weight on it.

In my purse, I have: 4 sets of keys, 2 eyeglass cases, medications, 2 Swiss Army knives (I know, weird, right? But they always come in handy!), a small pkg of tissues, a brush, hand lotion, my cell phone, wallet, pens chapstick, nail clippers, gum, medication holder, a small spray bottle of eyeglass cleaner, address book, small bottle of hand sanitizer and some other small, insignificant stuff. LOL I obviously need to clean out my purse!

Brenda said...

I'd be afraid to show what's in my bag,,,could even be some fish bait in there.hahaha.

Stopping in to say hi and to catch up!

Julie Harward said...

We women and our purses...a funny thing! I love your header, so pretty! ;D

Anonymous said...

I have way too much stuff in my bag no matter what size I carry. I hear the fanny pack is coming back in style and I am considering getting one if I can find a cute one that won't kill the pocketbook.


Vintage Barn 27 said...

Love this post Jeanette. In my purse there is my wallet, a brush, small pruning shears (from spring to fall to snip pretty branches to add to fresh flowers at home), tissues, gum, tic tacs, lip stick, lip gloss, lotion, hand sanitizer, medication and pens and pencils. Ok, that just gave me a reality check. Got a lot of stuff in there!

from my front porch... said...

J always asks-What do you have in here!
And I reply-Anything you might need!