Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Did You Go, Spring?

Thank you all so much for your anniversary wishes! In continuing with the "Rich and Jeanette" theme..this is where we met:

The Redford Theatre in Detroit. We both worked there when we were teenagers. There was a article in the paper a few days ago about how the one block area that the theatre was located on is having a small comeback..with new coffee shops and cafes moving in. The theatre has been owned by a organ society for years and they play classic movies. It was a pretty high crime area, so I'm curious to see if it's changed at all. We'll just have to strap on our guns and go take a look!! And for the record, we had our first kiss under those marque lights! Awwww...I know!!

Well, we had Spring for a few days and now it's cold the 30's every day! Some places just north of us got about 6 inches of snow last night. It missed us thank goodness! We just got rain. But still, blah!!

Been crazy busy at work this week. Even so, I think I'm going to take Friday off and enjoy a long weekend!

"I better just hold these papers down for you in case a big wind comes along, OK?"


The Retired One said...

We missed the snow this time, too...just got a dusting. Loved the cat photo on the papers!

Grandma K said...

Enjoy a day off! That sounds really good.

Spring has been off and on for us, but that is the norm for us. Temps in the 80's. Just a hint of what is to come!

Hope spring stays for you the next time.

Sally said...

Awwww, well I think it's sweet!!! :)

Girl, spring passed us by completely, went from cold to the 80's; yesterday in the 90's not far from here. I'm about to kilt my durn self in this yard!!!! :)

Hope you enjoy the long weekend, buddy!!

wenn said...

spring time is the best!

Dolly said...

Spring is playing hide n seek with us!


Donna said...

I hope you have a good looooong weekend!