Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring But With A Price

This week is dragging by for some reason. It's only Tuesday yet I feel like it should be Friday...not that the weekends are all that exciting either!

This past weekend was dreary and rainy. We got a whole week of warm sunshine and I guess we had to pay for it on the weekend. Sunday it rained all day and the sun finally came out as it was setting! Plus it's been chilly so we had to turn our furnace on again for the evenings!

Saturday we went to dinner with Chris, Marissa and her mom for a belated Mother's Day! Went to Mongolian BBQ which was delicious!! It's always nice to see them!

Our resident bunny seems to be a fickle little thing! He or she disappears for days at a time and then just when we think she's gone for good, she's back..running around the yard, eating our bird seed and digging in the barrel. I don't think there will be babies, though. That's OK because I'd probably lose sleep worrying about them anyway!!

My lilac bush is not doing well at all. It only has a few blooms this year and they're small. I think it's on it's way out. The inside of the bush is all dead. We'll probably cut it back and see if that helps, but I'm not holding any hope. The clematis however, is growing gangbusters again this year! I'll have pictures later when it starts to bloom!!

I'll leave you with this picture:

Who dares to say we spoil our cats???


Sally said...

LOVE your header! Did I tell you that already? I have short term memory loss. LOL

I hope the weather gets to where it's supposed to be for ya'll sooner than later. We've had wierd stuff here also belive it or not. The last couple of days real, real cool; then the next will be in the 90's.

Have a great day; love the photo of your not spoiled kitties. :)

Donna said...

Cloudy with possible rain here for the rest of the week...
You don't spoil your Kitties do you???Hummmm???Hahaa

Debbie Lo said...

Oh my gosh! That's too funny, Net! You put a table in front of your front door so the kitties can look outside? LOLOL And we thought that WE spoiled our animals! You and Rich take the cake!

So glad you have a nice Mother's Day!

We have a rabbit in our backyard now too, and there might be babies down the hole she dug because every time Becky goes outside, she buries her nose in that hole. I'll have to be extra careful cutting the back grass now & will go around the hole so as not to kill the babies.

The yucky weather has really gotten to Tom, Ang & me too, so you're not alone. Keep your chin up, and try to have a nice week, k?

Debbie Lo said...

I love your new header too, btw! Your flowers are beautiful!

Donna said...

Hahaha, Marty is tormenting you! Better you than me...

from my front porch... said...

Hi there!
I know that feeling of a week dragging on....
But, TODAY is Friday! Yay!

Thank you so much for your kind, sweet words on the post about my Nana. I really appreciate your friendship, Jeanette.

I do believe your kitties are happy ones!
xo, misha