Sunday, November 20, 2011


I am such a slacker lately when it comes to posting on this blog!

Remember here when I told you all about taking the carpeting off the stairs? Well they've sat like that for  a year and a half and last weekend I finally started to work on them again.

We are having Christmas Eve at our house this year and I really would like them to not look like stairs that just had the carpet ripped off of them!

I spend several hours last week and this week sanding the steps and today I filled in all the damaged areas of wood and the nail holes with wood putty. The putty is paintable but not stainable so hopefully the dark stain will hide the nail holes on the stairs.

I plan on painting the risers white and staining the stairs the same color as our floor, which is a dark maple.

I also plan on painting these:

Only the small spindles. The two larger ones and the bannister I plan on going over with the darker stain. It's a lot of intricate painting but I'll just take my time. Hopefully it will all come together nicely!

In other news, our microwave bit the dust today. Dumb thing runs but won't heat. I have an appointment to get it fixed on December 5th. Hopefully it's worth fixing because it's an over-the-range one and they are expensive to replace. '

Rich put our Christmas lights up today. It's been in the 50's so he took advantage of it. Next weekend could be 15 degrees and snowing!

All the extension cords plugged into one box with a remote control to turn them off and on from inside the house!

That's it for now. Thanksgiving is at my older brothers house this year. Homemade ravioli! Yum!

And yay for three day work weeks!!

I don't know about this home improvement/Holidays stuff!


Sally said...

Girl, that sure looks like a lot of work! Wish I could help ya! :)

My microwave went out after only 4 years, and I've yet to replace it. Same problem you have. Oh, well.

I know you'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving, yay for not having to cook. But, that's just me. LOL

xinex said...

Looks like you have a lot to do also but the stairs will looks so pretty after you are done. Good luck on the microwave....Christine