Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brenda Photo Challenge-A Little Bit Of My World

Time for another Brenda's Photo Challenge! This is is titled A Little Bit of My World.

Here is first thing in the morning for me.

Head to the coffee machine to grab a cup of coffee.

I'm diabetic so I have to check my blood sugar in the morning. It's important to see how my body has handled my sugar levels overnight.

That's every morning in my little world.

Off to see some of your worlds!


Brenda said...

Coffee is one of my favorite parts, the testing I would dread. I'm so sorry you must do this every day but I know it helps to keep you healthy.

Donna said...

I didn't know you were diabetic! See, I learned something new about you today! LOL, and I somehow knew that you would drink from a colorful coffee mug!

Out on the prairie said...

This was a fun share

Sally said...

I don't believe I knew you're diabetic, Jeanette. Thanks for a glimpse into your morning. I forgot about the challenge, and my computer is acting up so I didn't have much to offer on this challenge. :)

Hope you have a wonderful day, buddy!!


Annie said...

It has been fun glimpsing into everyone's worlds today.
Sorry to hear you are a diabetic. I wish there was a way of testing my epilepsy medication levels, I keep forgetting to take the tablets ;-(

Love the coffee cup, I love having a nice cup to drink out of too!

Donna said...

Goodness Girl! I will Never again gripe about having to take my thyroid pills!!!
Bless your heart!
But coffee helps!Hahaaa

Grandma K said...

Did not know you were diabetic! I have joined the testing society. Still pre-diabetic so far, but the GP wants me to see specialists! I am finding all sorts of us around.

Sally said...

Well, it says you have a new post, but I can't find it. LOL

Love ya!

MarissaDW said...

I can definitely relate with the coffee. Need it in the morning. Thank you for sharing something, so personal. It's been nice seeing a bit of your world.