Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birds On Roofs and Made In The USA

Last week there was a dead squirrel in the middle of the street in front of our house when Rich got home from work. He went into the house to get a bag and a shovel to pick it up and bury it. When he came out, there was two huge turkey buzzards standing by it! I didn't even know we had them in this area. Anyway, he ran back inside to get the camera, and by the time he got back outside, they were flying away. One kindly landed on the roof across the street for a photo op!

Isn't he cute?

Smudge staring out the kitchen window:

At this duck on the roof! She was looking for her mate in the other back yard.

Soon he flew into our back yard and she joined him on the ground. I love seeing the ducks come around every Spring!


Sometimes when I take a different route home from work I pass this one house where the whole back half of the lot is just loaded with daffodils every Spring. This year I managed to get a picture.

I love it!

Finally in the news....Rich had to replace the inner workings of the downstairs toilet last weekend. Check out this contraption..

No more ball float thing, whatever it's called. This new toilet fill valve (found the box!) is much quieter and easier to adjust to a lower water level. Best part is it's Made in the USA!

Pay no attention to the empty plate rack hanging on the wall in this picture. It's been empty since I took the Christmas plates down!


That's all for now! Looking forward to the weekend. They put me back on a 40 hour appointment at work. It's just too busy for me to take a day off every week right now. Which actually is fine with me!

I've decided that I like the money more than the time off!

Later y'all!


Sally said...

Good morning, buddy!

Love your photo's, especially the flowers. So pretty!

Okay, you made me go look; yes, I have a ball in the toilet bowl. You guys are on the cutting edge!

Have a great weekend!

Grandma K said...

I really like the new toilet innards. I think we should venture out to find one.

Loved the pictures. The daffodils are breath-taking!

Donna said...

Yep! Money can be a good thing!Hahaa
Love the photos!!!