Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Take A Walk With Me Part 2

When last we met we were almost to the half way point of our walk.

A good part of my walk was in the sun so it's nice when we see these shady areas coming up.

♫ give us such nice bright give us the green of summer...♪

Someone just couldn't resist riding their bike through the wet cement! That's right..I'm taking to you, Jack!

They need to trim the weeds but I am enjoying all the pretty wildflowers. It's on my bucket list to one day pick a huge bouquet of all sorts of different wildflowers for our house!

Walking on shadow ridges sidewalks! This is sort of a main street so there are lots of privacy fences.

♪ well lets get to the point.....lets roll another joint...turn the radio loud...♫

We're at the half way point now..a health care facility. I've stopped here many times to use their facilities...but we're going to keep going this time!

Now we're at Warren Rd and were going to go left again and head east.

And this is a good place to stop ..and continue in a few days!

Hope you're keeping up with me!!


Donna said...

Lordy, I'm Thirsty!!!Hahahaaa
Love the shots Girl!

Sally said...

Yes ma'am, I'm keeping up with you, but really you should slow it down a little 'cause I is old ya know.

I love wildflowers also, and wish I could plant them all over my yard.

Well, you know I only tried a joint once, but I can tell you if it would stop this dang "hole in my head" from hurting. LOL

Oh, okay I just remembered something. When I was like in my middle 30's (this is how naive I used to be) I was on a date, and another couple went with us to the movies. They laughed all the way through it, and it was NOT a funny one. Then, back in the car they were still laughing! I had to ask my date what was so funny. Yeah. :)

Don't mind me, buddy I'm on pain meds.


wenn said...

that's a good one..